Jarrett Fuller


Winter 2020 Playlist: A Ship Out to Nowhere

New York’s been grey. Sometimes I think winter in New York — winter without snow in New York, at least — is my favorite New York. It feels quiet. Slow. Meditative? I’ve found myself moving through the city, grey skies above me, headphones in, and walking just a bit slower. A Ship Out to Nowhere is my new playlist, a soundtrack for these walks through the city. (I think of this playlist as a sequel of sorts to last years, We Can Hear When We are Hollow.)

You can stream it on Spotify here.

Here’s the tracklisting:

  1. The Cycle of Nature - Akira Kosemura
  2. We Climb the Wired Fences - The Radio Dept.
  3. Flags - SMYL
  4. The Running Styles of New York - The Tallest Man on Earth
  5. On The Ground - Richard Reed Parry
  6. Dinosaur Act - Low
  7. Cocoon - Bjork
  8. These Days - Wet
  9. Blink - Hiroshi Yoshimura
  10. Fire - Waxahatchee
  11. Not My Baby - Alvvays
  12. Kai’s Song - Overcoats
  13. Latin for Joy - Human Mother
  14. Raw Youth Collage - Mura Masa
  15. Moon River - Frank Ocean

When I make these playlists, I’m trying to capture a feeling, a particular emotional moment, and that usually is drawn from the weather, which might be why these are so tightly tied to seasons. As I wrote above, I wanted this set of songs to feel like walking through New York in the winter. Sometimes I’m after the energy of summer or the birth of new life that comes with Spring.

I’m also looking for an arc, a movement. I think a lot about how the songs flow from one to the next, how each track leads to another and weaves through different genres and feelings. I tend to like starting slow, building to a peak in the middle of the track list, before tapering off again. My favorite playlists, the ones I turn to again and again, have the strongest arcs and immediately take me back to the time and place of their creation. In the end, I guess, these are simply time capsules, for myself and, I hope, for you too. Thanks for listening.

The archive of my previous playlists are here.