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Fall Playlist: Heroes and Ghosts/Graveyards and Buildings

I hope yesterday’s surprisingly 90° high in New York was a blip in our otherwise strong march into Fall. I’ve gotten out my sweaters and switched from my short sleeve work uniform back to the long sleeve. I also finally finished my new Fall playlist which is now available for streaming on Spotify! It’s called Heroes and Ghosts / Graveyards and Buildings and is a mix of both old and new songs to accompany you through the season.

Here’s the tracklisting:

  1. Design Guide - William Doyle and Brian Eno
  2. Feverer - Saintseneca
  3. Tickets To Crickets - Ferraby Lionheart
  4. Into the Red - James Blake
  5. Take Me To The Light - Francis and the Lights (feat. Bon Iver and Kanye West)
  6. ET - Kweku Collins
  7. Half Joking - Charles Rumback and Ryley Walker
  8. Removed - Calexico
  9. Guilt - Pygmy Lush
  10. Husks and Shells - Volcano Choir
  11. Gratitude - Big Red Machine
  12. Powder Blue / Cascine Park - Yumi Zouma
  13. Hey Rosey - The National
  14. Survivalist Fantasy - Kyle Morton
  15. Here It Comes (The Road) Let’s Go - Spiritualized
  16. Pictures of You - The Cure

I used to make playlists for every season but its become sporadic in recent years, prompted when the mood strikes. I’ve always loved my Fall playlists and it was nice to get back into it. In many ways, this feels like a sequel — or at least companion mix — to my Winter mix from earlier this year. As always, you can see all my previous playlists here and they’re all available on Spotify.