Jarrett Fuller

Brooklyn, NY © 2019 Jarrett Fuller.


Sunset Park Walls

In the middle of two big projects with due dates fast approaching, I’d found myself sitting in front of the computer for far too long this week. The camera had been sitting in the corner of my desk tempting me; I’ve been itching to get outside with it again. Golden hour approached, my vision blurry and my head hurting. I got up, threw on a jacket, and picked up the camera. This resulted in an hour walk around the neighborhood. Talk Talk played in the headphones as I thought about the recent death of Mark Hollis.

A recurring theme in my photography is a certain flatness — lots of walls and layers, little depth. As the sun set, nice shadows cast themselves upon the walls of my neighborhood. Here are a few favorites. It was only after I got back to my desk, clear head and renewed focus, that I was able to break through the walls in the work. A subconscious metaphor.