Jarrett Fuller

Another Kind of Life is available to stream on Spotify.


Winter 2021 Playlist: Another Kind of Life

There’s two feet of snow on the ground here in Brooklyn and I’ve got a new playlist to share. It’s called Another Kind of Life and you can listen to it below or stream it on Spotify.

Here’s the tracklisting:

  1. Ebb - Library Tapes
  2. Calico - Haux
  3. In a Black Out - Hamilton Leithauser and Rostam
  4. We’re In It - Typhoon
  5. Little Bird - Imogen Heap
  6. Land - CARM featuring Justin Vernon
  7. Grapefruit - Peals
  8. No Time for Love Like Now - Michael Stipe and Big Red Machine
  9. Crave - Dia Frampton
  10. Blonde - Roger Eno and Brian Eno
  11. Laundromat - Alexander Biggs
  12. Yello Bike - Pedro the Lion
  13. Old Bone - Wet
  14. Constellations - Duster
  15. We’re Not Done (End Title) - Mogwai
  16. Reel Set - Jon Balke
  17. High - The Cure
  18. Blind - Michael Gira

Another Kind of Lifeis the third in what’s become an annual series of winter playlists, beginning with 2019’s We Can Hear When We Are Hollow and followed by 2020’s A Ship Out to Nowhere. That first playlist was an attempt at capturing the feeling of walking through New York in the middle of winter — fresh snow on the ground, grey skies, and a strange tranquility in the streets.  A Ship Out to Nowhere followed this tone but, I think, expanded on it a bit.

I’ve been making playlists for nearly two decades but these two are some of my very favorites and I hope this is third entry into the series. What I like about them is that they feel like the perfect distillation of my favorite kind of music: slow, ambient, quiet, reflective. (As Jeff Tweedy sings in a new Weezer song: all my favorite songs are slow and sad.1 These playlists, then, show the connective threads between an otherwise eclectic set of musical tastes. This year’s playlist blends ambient electronic and solo piano, lo-fi folk and post-punk. I hope you enjoy it!

You can find all my previous playlists here or follow along on Spotify.

  1. I’m not a Weezer fan and likely couldn’t tell you the name of any Weezer song but I heard this line on on a recent episode of All Songs Considered and it describes my musical tastes perfectly. My partner even noticed that I tend to lean towards sad Christmas songs each year too.