Jarrett Fuller

"The Dharma Initiative Annual Report" © Jarrett Fuller, 2010


Revisiting Lost

From July to December, my partner and I (re)watched LOST. Anyone who spent time any time with me in the late 2000s knows LOST was all I would talk about. I’d been itching to rewatch it, to see if it affected me the same way and how I’d receive it now. Plus, E had never seen it and I was curious how she’d respond to something that meant a lot to me. Ten years out, I can report I was enraptured the same way I was the first time around. Sure, there’s some dated dialogue, the regressive gender and racial politics are more noticeable, and I have some quibbles with that finale but I very quickly fell for this story again. It’s a story about faith and doubt, destiny and free will, purpose and change, and who we are versus who we want to be. In other words, it’s a story about what it means to be alive.

During my last semester of college — the same year lost ended — I wrote and designed a fictional annual report from the future of the DHARMA Initiative, the mysterious scientific commune from the series. (haha remember when 2013 was the future?) I was interested in data visualization and infographics at the time and combined that with my love for LOST, making what is still possibly my favorite thing I’ve ever designed. Finishing the show again, I had to pull it out and look through for the first time in years. Pretty sure this is when I peaked as a designer.

Anyway, I think this is just a long way of saying that in the age of prestige TV, I still love LOST and want you all to give it another chance.

Below are some images from my annual report.