Jarrett Fuller


Introducing twenty-six design!

I have a habit of burying the lede, so I’ll just get right to it: Today, April 26, 2018, I’m excited to announce the opening of my brand new design studio, twenty-six design!

For the better part of the last decade, while working in house at Warby Parker, Facebook, and The Whitney, I’ve maintained a consistent freelance practice where I worked with friends, people I find interesting, and the occasional project I want to make time for. When I finished graduate school last year, I decided I wanted to try to do this work full-time. I wanted to find a way to keep working in the way I was in graduate school and turn that into a career that gave me space for not only client work, but also podcasting, teaching, writing, and various self-initiated projects

Over the last year, I’ve worked under my own name and have started to feel like I was pushing up against the limits of being a single-person, full-time freelancer. I wanted to diversify my work and tackle bigger projects. I wanted the ability to include more people and work in collaboration. It might be semantic, but ‘freelance designer’ no longer fit the work I enjoyed the most or the work I wanted to do more of. With twenty-six, I can operated completely independently but also have the space to bring in collaborators and build a team, while maintaining an intentionality and ownership over the work we do.

When I moved to New York the first time, back in 2011, I remember setting the goal of opening a studio by the time I was thirty. I turn thirty next year so now seemed like the time to make the jump. twenty-six is open for business.

We’ve been busy with a few projects over the last couple months that we’ll share soon and are currently booking new projects for the summer. If you need a design partner for your next project, get in touch!